Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Way To Lose Weight

Here is a "Million Dollar" Question.....

Why is losing weight so difficult?

Weight loss is easy : take in fewer calories, expend more energy. Easier Said than Done, Isn't it?

So why do we lose weight and then gain it all back? What are we doing wrong?

We failed to LOSE WEIGHT because.........

There is a little-known biologic process that sabotages our efforts!

Is there a way to safely Lose Weight that can not be sabotaged by biologic process?
YES, THERE IS.... and YOU will find it BELOW!

First of All, we have to know the main reason why we are OVERWEIGHT or FAT. Majority of FAT people tends to OVER-EAT most of the time PLUS many of them has a very slow METABOLISM rate.

Too much food makes us FAT

What if your BRAIN always signal you to KEEP EATING?

You may be on a DIET but what c an you do? You're just human..... This is one of the Major Reason why LOSING Weight is Difficult.

Your BRAIN is one of your ENEMY.

AND what if your BRAIN signals your CELLS to "STORE MORE FAT" instead of "BURN FAT"?

Is there anything YOU can do?

  • You might have tried many DIET PILLS available ONLINE but still unsuccessful.....
  • You might have tried to workout on a gym, but still failed....
  • You might have tried to limit the amount of food you eat but to no avail.....

What if i TELL YOU there is another way to get rid of your weight, the NATURAL WAY. With the aid of your BRAIN and LEPTIN.

LEPTIN? What is it?

The Discovery of Leptin
  • Leptin communicates between fat cells and the brain
  • Leptin was discovered in 1994 at Rockefeller University by Jeffrey M.Friedman, MD, PhD, and his teamLeptin is a hormone made by fat cells that regulates food intake and energy expenditure
  • Leptin’s messages: Stop eating/burn fat or store fat
  • Scientists thought if they gave leptin to overweight people they would lose weight

WRONG! Overweight people have too much leptin

If your PREVIOUS way to lose weight such as taking DIET PILLS and going to the GYM to workout is not enough, well, here's the good news.

LEPTIN can now be controlled.

Too much LEPTIN signals from the cells tend to be ignored by the brain so the brain says "keep eating" or "store more fat."

LEPTIN resistance sabotages your dieting effort.

Try this one.....

MAXWLX, this is introduced to me by my friend.

  • Max WLX gently decreases leptin levels to restore accurate communication between fat cells and the brain
  • Max WLX allows the “stop eating” and the “burn fat” messages to be heard
  • Max WLX contains no harmful stimulants and is made of all-natural polysaccharides and fatty acids
  • Max WLX is safe for long-term weight-loss plans.
Of Course there are lots of proven effective WEIGHT LOSS program or DIET PILLS available in the internet to buy online, like those in the advertisement of GOOGLE.

The GOOD THING is you have many options to choose from and be successful in your weight loss program in the easiest and most convenient way for you.

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